Picture and word

Honor where honor is due

Brücke mit Niederwerfung Bild und Wort
Bridge with prostration

Prostration to the achievements of modern times in pictures and texts.

15 pages, pdf, 1.7MB, 2011, Berlin


Hotel Neptun Kreuzfahren
Hotel Neptune


Cheap, cheap?
Boom in competition. Mass instead of class.
Cost traps on board. Additional costs high.
Standard plain. Enjoyment is extra.
Guests pampered, noodled.
A culinary battle of materials.
Food for thousands of guests. Tables full.
All-round care in the marine fairground.
Eventlocated for the boys
Guide, protect the ancients.
Inside cabin with permanent night
Sunbeds full
Consumer world continues on vacation.
Autonomy given at the cash register.
How much more nature can you still experience, independence left, find peace?
Mass tourist incursions on the beach, village and town.
Guiding costs a lot, local costs less. A lot of experience in a little time.
Hazardous waste smoke at sea, in port, for the environment, residents, guests
Sewage and food residues uncleared in the lake.
A couple of ships are ecologically better.


Tunnel mit Niederwerfung Bild und Wort
Tunnel with prostration

The tunnel relieves the place. You can eat your ice cream in peace over it. There are only a few cars left. For example the ones you should see. He also attracts cars because things are faster now. If you stay at the exit of the tunnel it is a little noisy. And on the left is a shopping center. You don’t see that here. But you can get there faster and pack everything in the trunk right away. That is practical. The green will definitely be home to valuable species.