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Cat wash exhibition

Climate protection with displacement
Anja Witt: What should we have done? Object, 2019 Cat wash

Anja Witt: What should we have done? Object,  2019

Exhibition 3.5. – 14.6.2024 in gallery and park

Works by 24 international artists

Objects, performances, installations, videos, painting

Gallery Group Global 3000 Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Exhibition: Transformation

From a fossil society to a regenerative one

Works by Tom Albrecht
Photographs, text, installations, moving objects, video
Exhibition 27.5. – 22.6.2024

The trap snaps shut. The rain is pouring down. The NPP is dancing. The shell shows treasure. The antlers win. The car creaks. Corona yells. The club threatens. The canister becomes human.

Opening 25.5., 6 pm: Introduction to the exhibition by the artist
Artist talk 8.6., 4 p.m.: The artist talks with guests about his works.
End of exhibition 22.6., 6 pm

Gallery Primobuch, Mon. – Sat. from 11-18 h
Herderstr. 24, corner Gritznerstr.
12163 Berlin Steglitz
Bus 282 Gritznerstr., U3 Breitenbachplatz,
U9 Schloßstrasse, S1 Rathaus Steglitz 

For what I perceive in the environment and society, I create images or express myself in actions. I see gaping wounds in our development in social, economic and ecological terms. The center of my life is Berlin, connected to the world. My pictures and actions with a focus on sustainability are intended to critically reflect reality in a playful way – often humorously. Human existence, its development and its diverse manifestations inspire me for objects, installations, actions, land art, text and photos. I am the founder, curator and artist of the gallery for sustainable art Group Global 3000 in Berlin, Kreuzberg.