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I show the new installations “Oh Tannenbaum” and “Das Licht brennt”, the new current collage “Weihnachtsglück” and the video “Endless Summer”.

Christmas happiness (C GG3)
Christmas happiness (C GG3)

Dec. 3-Dec. 17, 2022 Exhibition Mon, Thurs and Fri,  4-8 p.m.

Works by Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick, Stephan Groß, Maria Korporal

Two cooperative exhibitions on one theme  by Group Global 3000 with WerkStadt Neukölln.

People are feeling the climate crisis more and more, the war, the rising energy prices. That’s when it’s important to celebrate Christmas anyway. How do we do that, what do we change?


Opening Dec. 3, 7 p.m.
Welcome Jason Benedict, WerkStadt e.V.
Introduction to the exhibition Jule Böttner, WerkStadt e.V.
Performance “Arsch hochkriegen” Tom Albrecht with Stephan Groß

Video evening with artist talk Dec. 10, 7 – 10 p.m.: Videos of the exhibiting artists and invited guests: Tom Albrecht, Marina Camargo, Lioba von den Driesch, Matthias Fritsch, Mariel Gottwick, Stephan Groß, Nanna Gro Henningsen, Maria Korporal, Juliane Kowalke, Super Vague (Keeley Haftner and Dr. David Saunders)
Artists’ talk: Artists from the exhibition and videos talk with guests about their works.

Finissage with workshop and party Dec. 17, 7 p.m.: 6-9 p.m.
6 pm Workshop: Save Christmas? How do we deal with celebration and crisis, tradition and reality today? We gather our projects and activities: Tree, Celebration, Electricity, Heating, Ventilation, Giving, Packing, Money
Moderation: Tom Albrecht
Party with jam session by HÖRNWAMA

GG3 in the rooms of WerkStadt: Emser Straße 124, corner Ilsestrasse, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln

WerkStadt in the rooms of GG3: Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Recent work

For what I perceive in the environment and society, I create images or express myself in actions. I see gaping wounds in our development in social, economic and ecological terms. The center of my life is Berlin, connected to the world. My pictures and actions should reflect the reality critically in a playful way – often humorous. Human existence, its development and its diverse manifestations inspire me for objects, installations, actions, land art, text and photos.