Corona screams to the sky 1.

Corona screams to the sky. Storkow, 2020, wood, mirror foil
Corona screams to the sky 1. Storkow, 2020, wood, mirror foil, 2.15 x 1.40 x 1.40 m

So far, we are dealing with the management of the pandemic. What is missing so far is how to avoid such crises in the future.

Why did this happen to us?

  • As a warning against even worse crises
  • Game, livestock and animal products are transported around the globe .
  • Another reason is factory farming, e.g.  swine flu, bird flu, or Spanish flu.
  • We humans are claiming more and more wildlife habitats for ourselves. Environmental degradation affects natural species communities. Thus, contact between wildlife, livestock and humans is increasing .
  • The Corona crisis shows that humanity has reached a turning point, it must preserve the remaining natural areas. Species protection must finally also be given a necessary status in political and scientific decisions get.
  • Global travel has increased sharply, e.g. Ischgl, second wave.
  • Production in low-wage countries causes business trips, e.g. Webasto
  • Just in Time production reduces storage and creates dependence on functioning transport chains, e.g. mask shortage
  • Our comsum pattern: everything everywhere all the time.