Market Light

Market Light
Light installation in the former Schleckerhaus at the historic market place in Storkow (M)
Duration 2019/2020
Light choreography “Story of the Upswing
From the series “The animated house”.
7 RGB LED spotlights, 1 white LED spotlight, Raspberry PI mini-computer, lighting control software, DMX interface, radio controller, powerbank, div. Power supply units, 8 radio links, 2 pushbuttons with transmitters and receivers for special program, twilight switch, cable, housing

With the artistic light installation Marktlicht in a vacant house at the market place in Storkow (Mark) I would like to increase the attractiveness of the historic market place through art that is generally accessible. Passersby might wonder what is suddenly happening in the house and stop.

On the other hand, the former Schleckerhaus at Markt 20 shines again with light in the windows. The theme is the story of the upswing, the vision of a lively market place in Storkow with residents, shops, people.

Video market light opened (c) T.A. Marktlicht
Video market light opened, (c) T.A.

Video of the opening, 8:41 min.

This installation will  help revitalize the beautiful old marketplace for a year. The rooms, which were dark for a long time, glow again stylishly in changing colours light and dark depending on the season with the beginning of dusk. The light choreography shows the life of a small family in the house on two days, where the man goes to work, the child to school and the woman runs a café. Passers-by can influence the show by pressing two buttons at the entrance. The light show begins daily at dusk and lasts for two hours.

I developed and built the light installation. Ulf Reinhard programmed the lighting control. The photos show the test with two spotlights and the opening on Nov. 28, 2019.

Logos of the sponsors market light
Logos of the sponsors

The light installation is financed by the city of Storkow (Mark), the disposition fund in the support programme “Active City Centres” (ASZ) and the Mittelstandsverein Storkow (Mark).

The project was part of “Storkow lights up” on November 21 & 28, 2019.

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