Corona Performance / Viral Horizons

Corona Performance / Viral Horizons, Tom Albrecht and Rosa Schmidt (Video, 14:35) 2020, Storkow (M)
Corona Performance / Viral Horizons, Tom Albrecht and Rosa Schmidt (Video, 14:35) 2020, Storkow (M)

Corona Performance / Viral Horizons

The idea for this performance arose spontaneously under the first impression of the threat of the corona virus and the following shutdown of the economy, travel and physical encounters. “The virus is the most radical decelerator of our time”. (Hartmut Rosa)

Climate change and the Corona pandemic are linked. Being globally everywhere and using global resources is part of the reason for the pandemic. More and more people are claiming more and more wildlife habitats, land use has changed dramatically, wildlife, livestock and animal products are transported around the globe, and global travel has increased dramatically.


The planet a sphere, yielding to gravity a breathing, an admission to rotation in the colored twilight, to perishability, to becoming and passing, an exercise in trust in the carrying capacity of the earth’s crust, an overcoming of civilization’s flight acceleration frenzy, a momentary collapse of total networking, an attempt at vanity withdrawal, a suspension, a farewell, a flapping of wings, a prayer close to the earth, an erection of the spine against the gesture of domination, a shift in perspective in several sequences, a transformation of technototalitarian arrogance.