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Piguin man fishes poop sausages out of the sewage overflow. - The mermaid sings the
Pinguin man fishes poop sausages out of the sewage overflow. – The mermaid sings the “Lorely Song”
The sewage outlet is alive!
The sewage outlet is alive!

Art action at the sewage overflow No. 9846 at the Wildenbruch Bridge in Berlin, Neukölln, Schiffahrtskanal, Kiehlufer in the context of the “Art and Culture Festival 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN” 16.6.2012.

Tom Albrecht: Installation, performance and concept,
Amy J. Klement: Performance, Installation

We continued the “Making Bathwater” action from 2011 with installation, sound and performance. A two-hour lifeact. The scaled maiden from the sea acts on a raft with a comb and sings the Lorel song, the penguin man fishes for giant sausages, garlanded with tinsel.


When it rains heavily, the sewer system overflows and a mixture of rain and sewage with fecal matter from streets, roofs and households flows into the sewer. Polluted canal water, oxygen deficiency, fish mortality, bathing prohibition are the result. Berlin has 160 “emergency outlets”. A misguided development of our urban development and the way we treat nature.
The few overflow reservoirs and the canal management of the water companies are not sufficient.

Our demands

The canals should get bathing quality again!
More roofs and the channel in shallow water zones need to be greened,
City areas to be unsealed,
Rain  seeps,
Ships create fewer waves,
Separate waste and storm sewers,
less wastewater has to be treated in an energy-intensive way.

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