For what I perceive in the environment and society, I try to create images or express myself in action. I see gaping wounds in our development socially, economically and environmentally. My center of life is Berlin connected to the world. My pictures and actions are meant to critically reflect reality in a playful – often humorous – way. Human existence, its development and its manifold manifestations inspire me to object, installation, action, landart, text and photo.

To bring about more sustainability is my intention. Living this sustainability is my consistent experiment and means credibility to me. Social development and human concepts of life are the focus of my reflections. With my works I want to contribute to create changes in the sense of sustainability and health for the next generations.

I enter into a process in order to influence it, as I did, for example, in my work as an environmental officer at a technical university for many years. I see social issues such as our handling of energy and materials – both as consumers and as polluters – in a social, economic and ecological context, from which the claim of sustainability consistently arises in my work.

I use everyday materials, like the Arte Povera (Ital. poor art), which uses common and everyday materials like willow branches, glass bottles. Our throwaway society provides me with a wealth of material. I also use technology such as electronic controls and electric motors from old appliances. My art, like the Happening and Fluxus artists, is about influencing human life, not about closing art off from life.

Dr. Peter Funken: “His art shows poetic humour. Tom Albrecht works with simple means, shows pleasure in his work. He engages in interpretation and reinterpretation where he lives. His background is in idea and conceptual art.”